Colorado Co-op Innovates with Nest Thermostats

United Power, Inc., announced in May that all members qualify to receive savings by purchasing and using a Nest programmable thermostat.

The Brighton-based electric co-op now offers member rebates for new Nest purchases, as well as through a program called “Rush Hour Rewards” for members who have a Nest thermostat and central air conditioning. It will help the co-op decrease peak power usage during hot summer days when members’ collective air-conditioning use is high, thus relieving some of the load on the electric grid during those times.

Prior to a “Rush Hour” of energy usage, members’ qualifying Nest thermostats will pre-cool the home. Nest-using members will receive a message directly from the app saying that United Power has scheduled a Rush Hour because predicted electricity use is high. Then members’ Nest thermostats will automatically adjust up or down a few degrees. When the Rush Hour is over, the Nest thermostat will automatically return to its regular temperature schedule.

Rush Hour Rewards rebates are applied as United Power bill credits. Members will receive $50 upon enrollment in the Rush Hour Rewards program, and then an additional $25 at the end of the summer when they stay enrolled for the season.

Keep up-to-date with this innovative approach to saving energy and members’ money with the CREA Innovations in Energy newsletter. We are anxious to see how more Colorado electric cooperatives innovate with smart home devices.