Gunnison Co-op to Advance EV Charging

In its ongoing and innovative approach to advance the use of electric vehicles in Colorado, Gunnison County Electric Association will add three new level II (240-volt) electric vehicle charging stations and upgrade an existing station. The Gunnison-based electric cooperative was awarded a Charge Ahead Colorado grant to help with the costs of installation and upgrades in and around the Gunnison and Crested Butte areas it serves. The $36,000 grant covers 80 percent of the costs including hardware, labor and materials to install the stations.

GCEA received Charge Ahead Colorado grants in previous years to assist in building the Crested Butte and Lake City charging stations. These stations are useful for local EV owners and visitors. GCEA is seeing growth in station use, especially in Crested Butte.

The new stations will be located to enable greater use of existing EVs and to encourage new EV use by community members both near and far. Charging time limits will vary by station and “will be enforced to achieve a balance between facilitating participation in nearby activities and maintaining charging station availability,” according to Logann Long, communications specialist at GCEA. Fees charged to drivers at the four charging stations will vary. The project will start in September with completion by year-end.

GCEA is known around the state for its progressive programs in which they loan EVs to members who want to experience an EV. The “Adopt Spark-e” program is especially successful and popular in the area. The co-op is excited to promote clean energy technologies and encourage the use of more electric vehicles in the area.

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