solar panels being installed

Gunnison Electric Adds Solar for Community

In its continual effort to “Green the Grid,” Gunnison County Electric Association announced a second community solar garden, located on the roof at the co-op’s headquarters in Gunnison.

The electric co-op will lease solar panels on a month-to-month basis or consumer-members can participate in a 20-year lease agreement. There are already 195 panels leased, with the maximum shares being 5 panels per meter.

Though not in production yet, the array will be able to produce 100.8 kW. The system is entirely constructed and ready to operate, but according to GCEA Strategy Execution Specialist Matt Feier, it is awaiting approval from Tri-State and FERC before it can begin regular operation.

This innovative approach to community solar is well-received by the communities GCEA serves.

“Once members understand the community solar garden concept, it tends to be a no-brainer,” Feier says. “So much so that we are already looking for locations for our next community solar project.”