2020 CARE Voter Guide

Dear CARE Members,

In coordination with Tri-State Generation and Transmission, the CARE Committee is happy to provide you with a 2020 Voter Guide. The intent of the 2020 Voter Guide is not to direct you how to vote, but rather help educate you on the candidates who are up for election November 3, 2020. The CARE Committee has been busy the last few months with interviewing candidates for elected office and making endorsements for candidates that will advocate for and strengthen the voice of Colorado’s electric cooperatives.

The CARE Committee uses various criteria to evaluate candidates, including voting records, interviews, campaign literature, and public comments. It is much easier to evaluate an incumbent, as they have a voting record to review. New candidates for public office are difficult to evaluate, as positions change or evolve throughout the campaign and even after the election. The CREA Legislative team works with the CARE committee to meet with candidates – educating them about issues facing electric cooperatives.

Not all candidates endorsed by the CARE Committee represent areas served by an electric cooperative. However, all members of the General Assembly ultimately vote on legislation. It is essential to be active in competitive races to support a candidate that will support cooperative issues.

Regardless of how you vote come November 3, it is imperative to be part of the decision-making process in choosing our elected officials! Please reach out to CARE staff, Tim Coleman (TColeman@coloradorea.org), if you have any questions regarding the information in the 2020 Voter Guide.

Troy Whitmore
Chair, CARE Committee

CARE Voter Guide

Click the image below to view online or download for print the 2020 CARE Voter Guide.

2020 CARE Voter Guide