2013 Energy Innovations Summit PPTs and Audio


Breakout Session #1

Solar Projects in Co-op Service Territory

Breakout Session #2

Geothermal Energy Heats Up In Colorado

Breakout Session #3

Natural Gas: Fuel of Choice Indefinitely?

Breakout Session #4

Energy Storage: Breakthroughs or Stalemate?

Breakout Session #5

Clean Tech Project Updates

Breakout Session #6

Are Micro Grids in Your Future?


2011 Energy Innovation Summit PPTs


Breakout Session AB

A – Energy Storage

Jason Makansi
Keith Parks
Robert Stokes

B – Carbon Capture & Sequestration

Dag Nummedal
Chris Eisinger

C – Natural Gas

Bruce Baisel
John Harpole
Vince Matthews

Breakout Session CD

A – Micro-Hydro Development

Kurt Johnson
Stacey Simms
Carl Brouwer

B – Electric Cars

Ben Holland
Terry Penney
Keith Hay

C – Transmission

Mark Davidson
David Getts
Rick Thompson

Main Ballroom

Sturman Industries

Bryan Willson