2017 Energy Innovations Summit PowerPoints 

Opening General Session – How Can Electric Co-ops Thrive in an Evolving Industry?

Ted Case, Executive Director, Oregon Rural Electric Association
Michael Couick, President and CEO, The Electric Cooperatives of South Carolina
Mike Williams, President and CEO, Texas Electric Cooperatives
Moderator: Kent Singer, Executive Director, Colorado Rural Electric Association

Breakout Session #1 – Should Colorado Utilities Join a Regional Transmission Organization?

Carrie Simpson, Senior Manager, Market Operations, Xcel Energy
David Kelley, Director, Seams and Market Design, Southwest Power Pool
Mary Ann Zehr, Senior Manager, Transmission Contracts, Rates & Policy, Tri-State G&T
Mountain West Transmission Group
Moderator: Frances Koncilja, Commissioner, Colorado Public Utilities Commission

Breakout Session #2 – Will EVs Take Charge in the Electric Co-op Territory?

Mike McBride, Chief Executive Officer, Gunnison County Electric
Will Toor, Director, Transportation Program, Southwest Energy Efficiency Project
Brian Sloboda, Senior Program Manager, NRECA Business & Technology Strategies
Moderator: Kathleen Staks, Executive Director, Colorado Energy Office

Breakout Session #3 – Distributed Energy Resources: How Can Utilities Accommodate Customer-Owned Generation?

Patrick Dalton, Power Systems Distribution Engineer, Xcel Energy
Reg Rudolph, General Manager, San Isabel Electric Association
Fred Wellington, Vice President, NewGen Strategies & Solutions
Moderator: Dr. Bryan Hannegan, President & Chief Executive Officer, Holy Cross Energy

Breakout Session #4 – Carbon Sequestration and/or Reuse: Can it be Scaled?

Shannon Angielski, Executive Director, Carbon Utilization Research Council
Jason Begger, Executive Director, Wyoming Infrastructure Authority
David Greeson, Vice President, Development, NRG
Moderator: Mark Wilson, Senior Manager, Generation Assets, Tri-State G&T

Lunch Session with Dr. Martin Keller, Director, National Renewable Energy Laboratory

Breakout Session #5 – Wind Power Update

Tom Darin, Senior Director, Western State Policy, American Wind Energy Association
Suzanne Tegen, National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Moderator: Jim Martin, Senior Counsel, Beatty & Wozniak, P.C.

Breakout Session #6 – Natural Gas Update

Peter Compton, Senior Project Consultant, S& P Global Platts
Jan Kulmann, Manager, Engineering Technical Services, Noble Energy
Julie Murphy, Assistant Director for Energy & Minerals, Department of Natural Resources
Moderator: John Harpole, President, Mercator Energy

Closing General Session – Energy Storage: Is it Going Mainstream?

Xcel Energy Intro – Battery Storage Demonstration Projects
Dave Corbus, Project Leader/Program Manager, National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Haresh Kamath, Senior Program Manager, Electric Power Research Institute
Bob Rudd, Director, Utility & Microgrids, Tesla
Moderator: Jeff Ackermann, Chairman, Colorado Public Utilities Commission

2016 Energy Innovations Summit PowerPoints and Audio

Opening General Session – Can Electric Co-ops Thrive in an Evolving Industry?

Joe Brannan – Executive Vice President & CEO, North Carolina Association of Electric Cooperatives, Inc.
Lisa Johnson – CEO & General Manager, Seminole Electric Cooperative
Shawn Taylor – Executive Director, Wyoming Rural Electric Association
Moderator: Kent Singer – Executive Director, Colorado Rural Electric Association
Audio – Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4

Breakout Session #1 – Colorado Co-ops’ Groundbreaking Solar Projects

Phil Armstrong – Business Development, juwi
Chris Hildred – Power Supply & Special Projects Supervisor, Holy Cross Energy
Tom Figel – Policy & Regulatory Manager-Community Solar, Grid Alternatives
Moderator: Thomas Walch – Executive Vice President and General Manager, Grand Valley Rural Power Lines
Audio – Session 1-1, Session 1-2, Session 1-3, Session 1-4, Session 1-5, Session 1-6, Session 1-7, Session 1-8

Breakout Session #2 – Searching for Solar Breakthroughs

Dr. Matt Beard, Senior Scientist, National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Dr. David Young – Senior Scientist, National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Moderator: Dr. Gregory Wilson – Director, Materials Applications & Performance Center, National Center for Photovoltaics, National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Audio – Session 2-1, Session 2-2, Session 2-3, Session 2-4

Breakout Session #3 – Micro Grids: The Future of Power Delivery?

Beth Chacon – Director, Grid Storage & Emerging Technologies, Xcel Energy
Julieta Giraldez – Electrical Engineer, National Renewable Laboratory
Dan Zimmerle – Senior Researcher and Director, Colorado State University
Moderator: Jasen Bronec – Chief Executive Officer, Delta-Montrose Electric Association

Breakout Session #4 – Energy Storage: Innovators Search for Solutions

Dr. Steve Crane – Co-founder & CEO, Light Sail Energy
John Fernandes – Director of Policy and Market Development, RES Americas
Leia Guccione – Principal, Rocky Mountain Institute
Moderator: Matt Roberts – Executive Director, Energy Storage Accociation
Audio – Session 4-1, Session 4-2, Session 4-3, Session 4-4, Session 4-5

Lunch Session – The NET Power Allam Cycle: The Next Greatest Thing?

Walker Dimmig – Principal, NET Power, LLC
Audio – Part 1, Part 2

Breakout Session #5 – Recent Developments in Nuclear Power

Marcus Nichol – Senior Project Manager, Quality Issues & Licensing Actions, Nuclear Energy Institute
Ted Rampton – Chief Government Affairs Officer, Utah Association of Municipal Power Systems
Moderator: Bruce Landrey – Principal, Landrey & Company, Inc.

Breakout Session #6 – Co2 Capture, Utilization & Storage: Keeping Fossil Fuels in the Mix

Dr. Paul Bunje – Principal and Senior Scientist for Energy & Environment, XPrize
Dr. Joseph Swisher – Senior Project Engineer, Electric Power Research Institute
Tim Thomas – Vice President & Deputy General Manager, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries America
Moderator: Dr. Holly Krutka – Senior Research & Development Analyst, Tri-State G&T
Audio – Session 6

Closing General Session – Higher Ed Dives into Energy Innovations

Dr. Robert McGrath – Director, Renewable & Sustainable Energy Institute, University of Colorado, Boulder
Dr. Craig Taylor – Renewable Energy Materials Research Science & Engineering Center Director, Colorado School of Mines
Dr. Bryan Willson – Executive Director, Colorado State University Energy Institute
Moderator: Thomas J. Dougherty – Partner, Lewis Roca Rothgerber Christie LLP
Audio – Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5

2015 Energy Innovations Summit PowerPoints and Audio