Electricity and Kites

One of the greatest pastimes for kids of all ages is flying kites each spring. While we want kids of all ages to enjoy this sport, we also want them to be careful not to get their kites tangled up in power lines.

Every year in this country, children are electrocuted when their kite strings come in contact with a power line. Even though kite string is not a conductor of electricity, it can easily become contaminated with dirt and sweat, which will conduct the electrical current down the kite string. Electricity is always trying to find the shortest path to ground. It is not picky as to what path it uses.

If that path is a kite string with conducting properties and a child, it doesn’t care. It will follow that path until the path is broken We cannot emphasize enough the danger involved with flying kites near power lines. Instruct your children not to fly their kites close to any power line. Find a park or a wide-open area to fly kites. If a kite or kite string does come in contact with a power line, turn loose of the string.

A person’s life is much more valuable than any kite. If the kite or string becomes tangled in the power line, don’t try and get it out. Call your co-op, and linemen will be glad to come and extricate it from the power line. Kites and power lines just don’t mix.