2019 Annual Meeting

Service is at the core of everything the Colorado Rural Electric Association does. The association doesn’t sell any electricity; it doesn’t manufacture products. It does empower its member cooperatives and their employees by providing education classes, safety training, loss prevention information, legislative representation, communications assistance, youth programs and organizational support. CREA’s 14 employees are empowered to provide these services and more to all of its member cooperatives in timely, economical and well-executed ways.

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PowerPoints from our 2019 Annual Meeting Speakers:

Population & Economic Trends – Cindy DeGroen

Chris Bradley, NRTC

CREA Communications Department

Luke Falke, Federated Rural Electric Insurance Exchange

Tom Halverson, CoBank

James Jackson, NRECA

Joseph Martin, NRECA

Rod Martinez, CEEI

Rebecca Payne, Guernsey
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Jasper Schneider, NISC

Kent Singer, CREA

Greg Starheim, CFC

Western United