The RESAP has two components:

  • The 3-Year Formal Assessment is an updated and refined version formerly referred to as Safety Accreditation and is assessed every three years.
  • The Safety Improvement Plan is a disciplined continuous improvement plan based upon the needs of the co-op, evaluated and assessed annually.

To begin the process, a “Formal Leadership Commitment” must be documented with;

1.   A Board Resolution adopting a leadership commitment to the participation in the RESAP, acknowledging a high value in taking proactive steps in improving and maintaining a safe environment for employees and members.

2.   A CEO/GM adopting the “Five Guiding Principles, completing the Formal 3-Year Assessment, developing an Annual Safety Improvement Plan (SIP), committing to ongoing training and an annual performance assessment update of the SIP.

The Formal Three Year Assessment is an updated version of the tool formerly referred to as the Safety Accreditation Inspection. The Loss Control Director as the NRECA/RESAP Area Administrator will coordinate furnishing information to the cooperative during a three year period. This information lists guidelines to be met during the three years, including minimum regulatory compliance standards in addition to the best practices which are above and beyond minimum standards.

  • At the end of the 3-year period the Area Administrator and an Observation Team from other cooperatives will complete the formal assessment and furnish the grading document to NRECA. A summary of this document will be provided to the cooperative and will be used as a supplement to their SIP.

The Annual Safety Improvement Plan is built upon a platform focusing on areas most in need of improvement.

  • Engages all levels of leadership and employees in taking “ownership” of the safety systems and processes.
  • Promotes safety committee involvement in assessing current work practices and past performance including analysis of trailing indicators and incident investigation. Helps establish goals and standards.
  • Built using resources including but not limited to; best practices, benchmarks and standards on the national and statewide levels. Recommendations and assistance in the SIP development from both NRECA resources and the Statewide Area Administrator will be utilized up to and during the SIP self-assessment process.

Safety & Loss Control Catalog

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