Join Our Efforts to Create a Sustainable Future

To keep electricity safe, reliable and affordable for electric co-op consumer-members, we must develop a decarbonization path that is sustainable, optimizes efficiency and maintains system reliability. Moving too quickly or requiring extreme measures that eliminate generation options is costly to electric co-op consumer-members.

Our approach is to use lower-cost renewable sources and balance them with backup resources as needed. This ensures that Colorado does not end up with rolling blackouts and brownouts in the heat of summer or the cold of winter. Providing safe, reliable, affordable electricity is crucial as other sectors of Colorado’s economy, including vehicles, move toward electrification.

Our electric co-ops consumer-members are the heart of our cooperatives. They are what guides our decisions as we plan for the future and work toward our goals. We will continue to work with local, state and U.S. leaders to ensure affordable energy costs for the future. Colorado’s electric co-ops are interested in working together to find solutions to Colorado’s energy needs.

Who Are Your Elected Officials?

The first step to taking action is knowing who represents you. Find your legislator and tell your local elected official we need affordable and reliable electricity.

Individual printed copies of CREA’s 2023 Legislative Directory are available for $1 each, plus tax and shipping. To order, please contact the CREA communications department at 303-455-2700, Ext 711.

Colorado Legislative Directory

2023 Colorado Legislative Directory

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