Net Energy Metering

This white paper is intended to provide an overview of the development of Colorado’s net metering regime and to provide context for the discussion of potential reforms of net metering in Colorado.

Protecting Colorado’s Critical Utility Infrastructure

Current penalties for malicious attacks on Colorado’s utility distribution systems are woefully inadequate when compared to the magnitude of the potential harm to the lives of Coloradans and the local economy. Many other states have taken the lead to strengthen criminal penalties for damage to physical utility infrastructure, and CREA believes Colorado must do the same. 

Resource Adequacy in Colorado: An Analysis of Potential Legislation

This document is intended to provide an overview of resource adequacy, including current challenges and existing regulatory schemes addressing resource adequacy. It will also offer the perspectives of CREA and its member cooperatives on this important issue.
*Revised September 2022

Wildfire Mitigation and Vegetation Management

As Colorado’s wildfire risk continues to increase, it is imperative that Colorado’s electric cooperatives work with stakeholders through Colorado to prevent further wildfire destruction. The policy paper below analyzes different policy options to increase the effectiveness of wildfire mitigation and prevention in Colorado.