CREA Staff:

Julie Baker – Director of Member Services & Education, Ext. 700

Kylee Coleman – Communications Manager
Colorado Country Life Editor, Ext. 711

Tim Coleman – Director of Government Relations, Ext. 705

Elizabeth Dole – Event & Administrative Coordinator, Ext. 715

Tori Ellis – Accountant, Ext. 705

Michele Fry – Government Relations Professional, Ext. 718

Cassi Gloe – Director of Communications
Colorado Country Life Publisher, Ext. 712

Curt Graham – Job Training and Safety Instructor, 720-810-0648

Jenna Hirsch – Director of Safety and Loss Control, 720-407-0709

Craig Johnson – Director of Policy and Strategy/General Counsel, Ext. 702

Jesse Peeler – Job Training and Safety Instructor, 303-229-7647

Kent Singer – Executive Director, Ext. 714

Melinda Taylor – Communications Assistant
Colorado Country Life Editorial Assistant, Ext. 710

Advertising Opportunities

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  • Colorado Country Life is a monthly magazine published for rural residents and families of Colorado, especially those who receive their electricity from electric co-ops. Its focus is western lifestyles and issues, as well as electrical power, safety and rate-related issues affecting readers and their member-owned electric cooperatives. Human interest profiles, recipes, gardening information, outdoor and home improvement features are a regular part of this consumer publication. Colorado Country Life is the magazine for the Colorado Rural Electric Association.
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