To enhance the legislative program, CREA actively promotes and solicits memberships in both ACRE and CARE. ACRE, the Action Committee for Rural Electrification, is the national political action committee (PAC) headquartered at NRECA in Arlington, Virginia. CARE, Colorado Advocates for Rural Electrification, is the Colorado PAC, and its funds are maintained in the CREA office in Denver, Colorado. The CREA legislative staff, the CARE Committee and the membership determine which candidates for state office receive CARE’s support. ACRE and CARE are bipartisan committees.

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Colorado Advocates For Rural Electrification (CARE)


Action Committee for Rural Electrification (ACRE)

What are CARE and ACRE?

CARE and ACRE are political action committees (PACs) that were created to support legislators and candidates who support the principles of rural electrification.


Our national PAC funds are maintained in Washington, D.C. and administered by the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association (NRECA). This money is primarily used for candidates for the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate. NRECA does not make contributions without first checking with the Colorado Rural Electric Association (CREA). CREA can also make requests for NRECA to disburse ACRE funds. Either side has veto power over the other’s request and, occasionally, this will happen.


Our state PAC funds are maintained in Denver and administered by CREA through the CARE Committee and memberships. This money is used primarily for candidates to the Colorado General Assembly (ACRE money cannot be used for state races). Decisions to support candidates are made by the CARE Committee, which is composed of one person from each of CREA’s five districts, two employee representatives, a Tri-State representative, and CREA’s executive director.

Who is eligible to join CARE?

Any citizen of the United States can join CARE.

Who is eligible to join ACRE?

ACRE members must meet at least one of these qualifications: Directors, managers, salaried employees, salaried attorneys employed by the cooperative, spouses and consumer-owners of a rural electric system belonging to NRECA or CREA are eligible to join ACRE.

What is the length of a CARE/ACRE membership?

The CARE/ACRE membership year runs from January 1 through December 31. If you join anytime between these two dates, your membership will be eligible for renewal on January 1.

How are funds raised?

CARE and ACRE both raise money through memberships from ordinary people like you. CARE raises money through special fundraising activities, such as the auction held in conjunction with CREA’s fall meeting.

Does my membership count on more than one board?

Yes. A single CARE/ACRE membership is good for more than one board – local, G&T, statewide, supply co-op, etc.

Its easy to become a CARE member….

1.  Make all checks payable to CARE/ACRE and mail to:
5400 Washington Street, Denver, CO  80216
Click here to download the donation form.

Payroll deduction can be used if you are a member-owner of a cooperative, an employee of a cooperative or a member of a cooperative affiliate, such as a credit union.

Special recognition for joining CARE/ACRE

Cooperative boards who have 100% membership in ACRE receive a certificate at the NRECA Regional Meeting. Cooperative boards who have 100 % membership in CARE also receive recognition from CREA. All ACRE members receive a special lapel pin designating your membership level.

  • 100% Board:  Each board member and attorney at $25 each (min.)
  • 100% Board and Management: Each board member, attorney, manager, supervisory personnel and/or key employee at $25 each (min.)
  • 100% Century Board: Each board member and attorney at $100 level
  • 100% Century Board and Management: Each board member, attorney, manager, supervisory personnel and/or key employee at $100 level
  • 100% Vice President Club Board: Each board member and attorney at $250 level
  • 100% President’s Club Board and Management: Each board member, attorney, manager, supervisory personnel and/or key employee at $500 level
  • 100% Leadership: Same at $1,000 level

Membership Classification and Dues

CARE & Spouse…..$40
ACRE & CARE…..$55
Century Members…..$100

Vice President’s Club….$250
President’s Club…..$500
Leadership Circle….$1,000

Century, Vice President, President and Leadership Club members are automatically members of both ACRE and CARE.

Federal laws prohibit corporate contribution to CARE/ACRE. Membership levels are suggestions only. You have the right to refuse to contribute. Political contributions are not deductible for federal or state tax purposes.

Action Committee for Rural Electrification (ACRE) The National Rural Electric Cooperative Association (NRECA) administers ACRE, a political action committee supporting federal candidates. For more information on ACRE please see NRECA’s website at

Legal Disclaimer

Contributions to the NRECA Action Committee for Rural Electrification® (ACRE®) are not tax deductible for federal income tax purposes. Contributions to ACRE® are voluntary and will be used for political purposes. You have the right to refuse to contribute without reprisal. Federal law prohibits contributions from foreign nationals who lack permanent resident status. Any contribution guidelines presented are merely suggestions. You are free to contribute more or less than the suggested amounts, or not at all. NRECA will not favor or disadvantage anyone by reason of the amount contributed or a decision not to contribute.

ACRE raises personal, voluntary contributions from NRECA’s eligible membership. Federal law prohibits soliciting contributions from individuals other than NRECA and member-systems’ eligible employees, boards of directors, consumer-owners and the families of such individuals. Contributions from ineligible individuals will be returned. For more information on the ACRE program or eligibility to participate, please contact Gabe Snow, ACRE Director, at 703-907-5799 or