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CREA, through its broad communication efforts, builds recognition and understanding of cooperative issues and policy positions while engaging with cooperative consumer-members and other key stakeholders through its various media. These various newsletters, new releases, websites, social media posts and Colorado Country Life, the statewide co-op magazine, all highlight the strength of our cooperative business model and the important role the local electric cooperatives play in the sustainable development of rural Colorado communities.

CREA’s communications department provides custom turnkey resources to assist CREA member co-ops with their communications efforts to share their story, programs and services.

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Colorado Country Life is a monthly magazine published for rural residents and families of Colorado, especially those who receive their electricity from electric co-ops. It is the statewide voice of Colorado’s electric cooperatives with focus is western lifestyles and issues, as well as electrical power, safety and rate-related issues affecting readers and their member-owned electric cooperatives. Human interest profiles, recipes, gardening information, outdoor and home improvement features are a regular part of this consumer publication.

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Publisher/Editor: Mona Neeley, CCC
Designer/Production Manager: Cassi Gloe
Editorial/Administrative Assistant: Kylee Coleman

American MainStreet Publications

Energy Innovations

A monthly digital newsletter that covers the latest in electric co-op news. Sign up for the Energy Innovations newsletter. Fill out the form today.

Colorado Co-op Report

A monthly internal newsletter for co-op managers, directors and employees.

CCL Extra

Bi-monthly digital newsletter for co-op consumer-members from their local electric cooperative. CCL Extra delivers exclusive information, extra recipes, upcoming contests and more Colorado Country Life digital content straight to readers’ inboxes twice each month. Sign up today.

Legislative Directory

Colorado’s senators and representatives work year round on legislation that affects electric co-ops. Stay in touch with them using CREA’s Legislative Directory app. Get the app today: Apple or Android

CREA Directory

This yearly printed directory contains contact information for all 22 of Colorado’s electric co-ops and their power suppliers, electric related organizations, employee groups, legislative contacts and more.

Colorado Country Life

Colorado Rural Electric Association


Mission Statement

CREA’s publications department strives to be the communications resource for Colorado Rural Electric Association members. Colorado Country Life helps readers get to know Colorado a little better each month as it shares stories around the state and keeps them up to date on Colorado’s electric cooperatives