Job Title: Director of Safety and Loss Control
Department: Safety and Loss Control
Reports To: Executive Director
Supervises: Job Training and Safety Instructors, Department Administrator
Salary Range: $135,000-$155,000


To develop and manage an effective Safety and Loss Control Department. The mission of the department is to ensure that member systems are informed and provided the necessary assistance to reduce or eliminate injury to people, damage to equipment, and loss of assets. The department also assists member systems in complying with all applicable local, state, and federal regulations.


The director of safety and loss control will:

  1. Effectively manage and supervise a department administrator and technical staff of safety and regulatory personnel while promoting creativity and allowing autonomy to accomplish mutually developed team goals.
  2. Effectively communicate with department staff and CREA member cooperatives through various communications including a department newsletter. Provide simple and concise interpretations of regulations, identification of compliance requirements, and offer prompt response to regulatory and safety questions.
  3. Maintain knowledge of applicable state and federal health, safety, and environmental regulations while staying current on new and proposed regulations. Have an understanding of regulations adopted by the following agencies: Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Department of Transportation (DOT), National Electric Safety Code (NESC), National Electric Code (NEC) and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). Provide appropriate written comments to various governmental agencies on proposed regulations.
  4. Develop and manage programs necessary for members to stay compliant with regulations and best practices.
  5. When requested, provide guidance and assistance with investigating incidents that occur at member co-ops.
  6. Develop relationships and actively interface with regulatory agencies, member system management, and legislative representatives to promote understanding of co-op issues. Take an active role on CREA and outside committees and commissions such as the Disaster Aid Committee and Underground Damage Prevention Commission.
  7. Coordinate the disaster aid assistance program for the state: interface with State Emergency Management groups, prepare updates to the State Hazard Mitigation Plan: Cooperative Annex, and assist member co-ops with applying for funding for hazard mitigation projects and disaster aid.
  8. Assist the legislative department in evaluating pending legislation that could have a direct influence on safety issues.
  9. Conduct site visits to provide feedback on regulatory compliance efforts, assist with program development and updates, conduct training, and evaluate the effectiveness of department personnel in the field.
  10. Provide the opportunity for members to increase their knowledge and understanding of regulations by periodically arranging seminars and specialized training to be conducted by experts in the regulatory and safety fields.
  11. Conduct meetings with members to identify emerging issues and areas needing additional emphasis or improvement, develop and implement new health and safety programs, and determine future department objectives.
  12. As Area Administrator for the Rural Electric Safety Achievement Program (RESAP), conduct onsite observations, prepare and submit reports, keep member co-ops current with RESAP program requirements, and attend program area administrator meetings.
  13. Prepare an annual budget, provide safety updates and training at CREA Board and staff meetings, conduct employee performance reviews, review and approve staff expenses, acquire equipment and reference materials, and maintain files.
  14. Attend meetings both in-state and out-of-state to stay current on safety certifications, present information to member co-ops, and fulfill statewide safety director duties.
  15. Perform other responsibilities based on the needs of the association and as assigned by the Executive Director.
  1. Degree in safety, industrial engineering, environmental engineering or other related fields. For current employees of the CREA members, every two years of directly-related experience may be substituted for one year of higher education.
  2. At least five years of experience in regulatory compliance with a working knowledge of rules and regulations mandated by relevant state and federal agencies.
  3. Utility experience required; line construction experience preferred. High priority will be given to candidates with experience as a journeyman lineworker for an electric utility.
  4. Excellent verbal and written communication skills with a demonstrated ability to organize and provide leadership.
  5. Computer skills including effective navigation of the internet, regulations and standards, and proficient use of Microsoft Excel, Word, and Power-Point. Mac OS experience preferred.
  6. Must have a valid Colorado driver’s license and be willing to travel overnight at least 50% of the time.
  7. Relevant safety certification such as CSP, CUSP, CLCP.

To apply, please email cover letter and resume to Executive Director Kent Singer at