San Isabel Electric Awards $12,000 Rebate

In an effort to make its facilities energy efficient, brighter and lower-maintenance, the Las Animas County Fairgrounds in southern Colorado switched out its outdated incandescent lighting fixtures for Energy Star-qualified LEDs.

Not only did this change make a noticeable impact on the quality of lighting at the fairground facilities, it also earned the county a rebate of more than $12,000 through San Isabel Electric Association’s commercial lighting rebate program.

The commercial rebate program helps organizations in the co-op’s service territory upgrade lighting systems to LEDs. The use of LEDs reduces electricity bills and the bulbs last 15 to 25 times longer than traditional bulbs. This saves organizations money and time by reducing replacement and electric usage costs, and by not having to keep up with replacing bulbs in outdated lighting systems.

The Las Animas County Fairgrounds now features nearly 150 LED fixtures and nearly 570 linear feet of LED bulbs. They also installed timers, automatic daylight shutoff and motion sensors to save even more energy and money.