SMPA Receives Grant for Two EV Charging Stations

San Miguel Power Association announced that it received a Charge Ahead Colorado grant from the Colorado Energy Office The grant money will go toward the installation of two Level II Dual Port charging stations: one at SMPA’s office in Ridgway, and another one at its office in Nucla.

“We’re excited to be able to offer this service to our communities,” SMPA CEO Brad Zaporski said in a recent press release. “As folks begin to save money by replacing their gas automobiles with electric, they’re also contributing to a much larger effort to reduce carbon emissions as the electric grid that powers them gets cleaner every day.”

SMPA also offers beneficial electrification rebates to its consumer-members to help cover the costs of electric vehicles or all-electric homes, and lawn mowers and other outdoor power equipment. There are also rebates for private and public EV charging stations installed within the co-op’s service territory.