Electric Co-op Helps Ouray Go “Totally Green”

The City of Ouray is the most recent participant in San Miguel Power Association’s Totally Green program. CREA’s Energy Innovations newsletter reported on this program in January 2020, and Ouray joins other local businesses and government entities that consume 100% renewably-resourced electricity.

The Ridgway-based electric co-op typically fulfills its Totally Green program requirements with renewable energy from the open market. In this case, 100% of the city’s municipal electricity use is covered by the output of the Ouray Hydroelectric Plant.

SMPA members may voluntarily sign up for Totally Green and are charged an extra 1 cent per kilowatt-hour. The net proceeds from the City of Ouray’s contribution goes to the SMPA Green Fund that is used to develop locally-sourced, renewable energy projects. The Green Fund is also used to help the co-op give rebates to its consumer-members for energy efficiency and beneficial electrification upgrades and improvements.