Co-ops Meet to Discuss Reliability

Electric co-ops play a crucial role in ensuring the lights come on every time Coloradans flip the switch. The primary responsibility is to co-op members, and your local electric co-op remains committed to providing service that is both reliable and affordable. 

The economy of the future will be heavily reliant on electricity. With data centers, manufacturing, electric vehicles, and electric heat pumps, the demand for electricity is set to rise dramatically. Colorado’s electric co-ops are planning for this surge in demand by investing in infrastructure, technologies, and power supplies that will allow them to meet members’ needs. 

Electric co-ops are at the forefront of innovation and are adapting to the unique needs of the members they serve. With initiatives such as community solar projects, energy efficiency programs, carbon capture, and advanced nuclear generation, co-ops are leading the way.

Advocating for rational policies that preserve reliability and affordability in Colorado and in Washington, D.C., is crucial. This month, electric cooperative leaders from around the United States will gather in Washington, D.C., for the annual Legislative Conference where they will discuss key issues and concerns surrounding reliability. This allows co-ops to help educate policymakers on the issues that matter most to the families and businesses electric co-ops serve.

Today’s energy decisions and policies will determine if there are enough resources to meet tomorrow’s energy needs. Colorado’s electric co-ops will continue advocating for their members to ensure a reliable supply of electricity that powers everyday life.