2025 Safety & Loss Control Pricing

CREA’s Safety and Loss Control Department is making changes to our pricing structure, beginning in 2025. Below you will see a menu of some of the core services our department provides, along with pricing levels based on the number of on-site visits (safety service days) you receive in addition to these core services. We will continue to tailor in-person visits to meet your needs- providing training, crew visits, equipment and facility inspections, audits, dielectric testing, etc. Please respond to the following questions and select the level of service that best aligns with your needs and expectations.

Core Services

  • RESAP program administration: conducting 3-year observations, performing mock prep audits, training qualified observers, and assisting with annual requirements (SIP, APM)
  •  MSDSOnline software subscription: managing chemical inventory and Safety Data Sheets
  •  Inclusion in the State Hazard Mitigation Plan Cooperative Annex, written and administered by CREA, which provides eligibility to apply for FEMA funding and hazard mitigation grants
  •  Assistance with applying for FEMA funding following a disaster
  •  Mutual aid coordination assistance during storms and other disaster events
  •  Storm tracking and disaster notification
  • Assistance with incident investigation and analysis
  • Participation in the Commitment to Zero program, including a Phase 2 facilitation
  • Coordination of specialty training courses
  •  Access to JJ Keller Safety Management System contents and resources
  •  Access to discounted APPA manuals and other association publications, HASC resources, and many regulations and standards through CREA memberships such as NFPA Link and Techstreet
  •  Use of CREA’s transformer grounding simulator and virtual reality downed wire training devices
  • A monthly newsletter focused on industry news, regulatory changes, department updates, threats reports, and upcoming events.
  •  Incident and near-miss reporting
  • Monthly safety reports to CREA co-op board members
  • Participation in Operations and Safety meetings around the state and at an annual Safety and Loss Control Seminar
  •  Mesa Hotline School support
  •  Annual safety awards
  •  Assistance from the department Director and Department Administrator
  •  In 2024, participation in a VISA cyber and physical security workshop, sponsored by the E-ISAC

Safety and Loss Control 2025 Intent for Services

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