United Power’s 4-megawatt storage capacity Tesla battery was installed in October and went live this earlier this month. Situated in Longmont, this is the largest lithium-ion battery in the state. After much research and evaluation, United Power is confident this innovative battery storage system will help reliably capture and store energy from both renewable and non-renewable sources on its grid.

United Power estimates that it will simultaneously power 600-700 homes over the four-hour period that the battery holds a charge. It is predicted that the battery will save about $80,000 a month, made possible by using the energy generated on United Power’s grid overnight when demand is low, storing it and distributing the electricity to consumers during peak demand daytime electricity use. The battery will alleviate some pressure on the grid during peak times, as well as decrease consumers’ bills.

United Power is Colorado’s fastest growing electric cooperative, serving more than 83,000 meters and maintaining nearly 6,000 miles of line. Stay informed on the positive effects of United Power’s innovative large-scale battery project with this Energy Innovations newsletter from CREA.