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Birds on the Wire

Facts About Electricity Have you ever wondered why birds and squirrels don’t get zapped by electricity when they sit on electrical wires? It’s because they are not touching the ground, or in other words, they’re not grounded. It helps to understand the nature of electricity. Electricity is always trying to reach the ground and if […]

Lightening Safety

Lightening Safety Before the Storm It is important to know how to recognize when you are at risk for a lightning storm. Knowing that a storm is coming will allow you to make plans to be indoors before the storm strikes. Check the internet or TV/radio stations for the forecast before leaving the house Check […]

Weather Safety

Weather Safety Lightning is a consistent and significant weather hazard that may affect sports teams and other groups while they’re enjoying the outdoors. In Colorado, most lightning fatalities occur in June, July and August, when more people are outdoors and thunderstorms are more prevalent. Within the U.S., the National Severe Storms Laboratory estimates that 100 […]

Electricity & Kites

Electricity and Kites One of the greatest pastimes for kids of all ages is flying kites each spring. While we want kids of all ages to enjoy this sport, we also want them to be careful not to get their kites tangled up in power lines. Every year in this country, children are electrocuted when […]

Call Before You Dig

Call Before You Dig One free, easy call gets your utility lines marked and helps protect you from injury and expense. Know what’s below. Always call 8-1-1 before you dig. For more information: www.call811.com

General Safety Tips

Don’t Get Zapped By Electricity Electricity provides the energy to turn on the lights, power a television and keep food cold in the refrigerator. But, if not used properly, electricity can be very dangerous. Electricity travels, or is conducted, through wires to electrical outlets in your home. Wrapped around the wires is rubber, plastic or […]

Electric Cooperative Investing in Local Solar

Solar energy, generated from locally-based solar panels will soon be powering the homes of United Power members. Silicon Ranch will own and operate the facility and United Power will buy and distribute the electricity over a 20-year period.In late 2014, Brighton-based United Power initiated an effort to incorporate cost-effective local renewable energy sources to complement […]

Utility-Scale Solar Garden Coming Soon in Co-op Territory

Construction of CORE Electric Cooperative’s (formally Intermountain Rural Electric Association) 15.9-megawatt utility-scale solar farm in Adams County is underway, with the help of juwi’s U.S. subsidiary, which is based in Boulder. The location of the new solar park is near the electric cooperative’s Victory substation. It will deliver solar energy through the power purchase agreement […]

Co-op’s New Solar Garden Focuses on Low-Income Members

Yampa Valley Electric Association, with offices in Craig and Steamboat, is one of five electric co-ops that has partnered with GRID Alternatives Colorado and the Colorado Energy Office to develop a community solar array that will be 100 percent dedicated to lower income YVEA members. Members participating in this program will receive a bill offset […]